Leslie Jones has denied having a "secret" boyfriend.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones

The 49-year-old actress and comedian took to Twitter on Tuesday (04.07.17) to inform her fans that despite claiming last month that she was "kind of" seeing a mystery man, she is in fact single because she has "terrible luck" when it comes to men.

She wrote on the micro-blogging site: "Just so everyone knows. There was never a secret boyfriend. I have terrible luck with men. Real talk. They do not like me lol!! (sic)"

In June, Leslie claimed she was keeping her relationship a secret as she didn't want people "bothering" her beau.

She said at the time: "It's a secret, so I don't want everybody bothering him, you know what I'm saying? I don't want to sit on television and be like, 'Oh, the type of man I'm looking for ...' and then I'll talk to him and he'll be like, 'Yeah, I heard you was looking for this type of dude.' Don't get me in trouble!"

Despite being single, the 'Ghostbusters' star knows what she wants in a partner, and admitted she loves "goofy men" who can make her laugh.

Leslie added: "But, I will tell you the type of dude that I like. I like a dude that makes me laugh, and it's not hard to make me laugh - it really isn't - because I like the goofiest things. I love goofy men! I love goofy men!"

Meanwhile, the 'Saturday Night Live' actress admitted last year to wanting to have sex with singer John Mayer.

John, 38, told Leslie he was going to pen a track about the comedienne when they met at an event, but she had other ideas.

Posting a selfie on Twitter of the pair, she told her followers at the time: "He said he had s gonna write a song about me. I think he should have sex with me instead am I wrong? (sic)"

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