Liam Gallagher would wear a wig if he ever went bald.

Liam Gallagher covers The Big Issue

Liam Gallagher covers The Big Issue

The former Oasis frontman - who once described one of his 90s hairstyles as "Dougal from 'The Magic Roundabout'" in reference to the children's TV dog - says there is no chance of him going around with no hair because that wouldn't be very rock 'n' roll of him.

The 'Wall of Glass' singer told the new issue of The Big Issue magazine: "No one wants to see bald rock stars, man. If I ever go bald, I'll be getting a wig. F***ing too right, without a doubt. There's no shame in that. What would you do? I wouldn't suffer in silence. I'd definitely go for it."

The 46-year-old rocker - who now has a short hairdo - also revealed that Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards is his biggest hair inspiration, but while he's tried out his style before, he has joked that by the time he hits the road for his tour in support of his debut solo LP 'As You Were' later this year he could rock a perm.

Asked who has served as his "hair hero", Liam said: "He's [Keith] got the Elvis thing going [with the sideburns] and it's really long down here [on the neck]. That's the perfect haircut. And I had it a couple of months ago. But last week I just thought, I'm a bit f***ing bored here, I'll go to the barbers. And I asked him, 'Do you have any clippers?' He went, 'Yeah', so I said, 'Just take it off' ... By the time I do the UK tour I might have a f**king perm. A Marc Bolan vibe. Who knows man, that's the beauty of life."

As for his what he's like when's he's not play the rockstar on stage, Liam insists he's super laid-back, unlike his wild partying days in the 'Some Might Say' group.

He said: "I'm a chilled motherf**ker these days. I certainly don't go round beating up old people and tripping them up or gobbling on windows. I've got a heart of gold."

The Big Issue with the exclusive interview with Liam Gallagher available to buy from Monday (02.10.17) from Big Issue vendors across the UK for £2.50. 'As You Were' is released on 6 October.

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