Liam Gallagher wants an Oasis reunion.

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

Although the band broke up in 2009 after a furious row between Liam and his brother Noel, Liam admitted he would be open to a comeback "for the fans".

He told Q magazine: "I believe Oasis will sail again and it'll be glorious. If it's really about the fans, Noel, let's do it - because they want it. One year. Tour for a year.

"We'd smash it. My bags are still packed from my last tour, so I'm ready."

However, Liam, 43, doesn't appear ready to bury the hatchet with Noel, as he also accused Noel of being a **** and of having "small-man syndrome".

He said: "Do you think I want to be in a band with that ****? He says, 'Liam has to change.'

"Get to f**k....If the guy doesn't want me back in our band then I don't want to either.

"I don't want to be in a band with someone who doesn't want me."

"Every f**king soundcheck he'd stand in the middle and sing. The geezer's got small-man syndrome."

And he is furious that Noel is now pals with Damon Albarn, frontman of Oasis' one-time rivals Blur.

He fumed: "Whatever next? Robbie Williams turning up on his next record? Noel lives in a £17 million house. That changes you.

"You have appropriate furniture, appropriate kitchens, appropriate red wine Bono's recommended. And Damon Albarn becomes your mate."

Meanwhile, Liam - who is preparing to release new songs next year - claimed to be a "lone wolf" and says his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther is his only friend.

He said: "I can count my friends on no hands. I don't have any apart from Debbie. I do my own thing. I'm a lone wolf."

Liam Gallagher's exclusive interview with Q magazine is out now.