Liam Gallagher will have 'As You Were' etched on his tombstone.

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

The 'Greedy Soul' rocker took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Monday (09.10.17) in which he revealed he'd like to be remembered with his trademark Twitter sign off, which is also the title of his debut solo album.

One fan asked: "What will be on your tombstone?"

To which he simply replied: "As You Were."

During the online exchange with his loyal following, the former Oasis frontman also said that if he had a choice for his "last ever" meal, it would be an egg, but that his favourite meal feast is a traditional Sunday roast.

Liam - who is infamous for his cursing - started off the session by dropping a C-bomb and joking that he'd like to develop Tourette's - a neurological condition that causes sufferers to repeat words, shout foul language and develop ticks - for Christmas.

Quizzed on what he'd like as a present, he wryly wrote back: "A splash of Tourette's you f***ing c***. (sic)"

The 'Greedy Soul' singer also said that while he's not a fan of reading, he believes he has a gift for telepathy.

He wrote: "I don't read books, I only read minds."

The 45-year-old rocker previously admitted that he has no idea what 'As You Were' means and that he simply chose it as the album name because he was worried his original idea of 'Bold' - a song on the record - might be "boring" for record buyers.

He explained: "It was going to be called 'Bold', but I thought washing up detergent. I just kept seeing 'Bold' everywhere, I thought I'm bored of this. I thought 'As You Were' has got a bit of a vibe. It means nothing but it's intriguing."

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