Liam Payne has revealed his son's middle name is Grey.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne

The former One Direction singer and his 33-year-old girlfriend Cheryl welcomed their son Bear Payne into the world almost two months ago, and the hunk has now revealed that the tot's middle name is just as unique as his first, although it was originally going to be much more traditional.

Speaking about Bear's middle name, Liam said: "It was going to be James, I was going to name him, because my middle name's James. I was gonna give him my middle name, but I like Grey. I prefer Grey."

And the 23-year-old singer joked that he had no idea what to do when he first held his son, and couldn't believe the midwife had left him with the newborn.

He said: "Just after (Cheryl) gave birth, I had him in my arms and then they leave you in the room with this baby in your arms. What do I do?"

Liam - who is set to release his debut solo single 'Strip That Down' on Friday (19.05.17) - also revealed he gave the former Girls Aloud singer some time off to recover by taking over parenting duties when they first took Bear home.

He recalled: "This is the funny thing: it's a while before a baby does their first poop, so all day there was no poop and I was like, 'This is great. I can handle this.'"

But when the tot woke up crying, Cheryl volunteered to tend to him, only to find he had finally done the deed.

Liam added: "I'm looking at him thinking, 'This didn't happen to me all day.' Me and him squared away the deal. That's so unfair. It's so unreasonable."

Meanwhile, Liam has said he plans on getting a new tattoo dedicated to his little man.

He told radio station SiriusXM: "I have a plan. I've never had a plan for a tattoo before. I'm gonna go on my chest next time. I have to man up."

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