Lily Collins worries about "opening herself up too much" on social media.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

The 'To The Bone' star "really enjoys" some parts of social media because she gets the opportunity to connect with young people but knows it has its downfalls too.

She said: "I really enjoy social media - certain forms of it - because I get to connect with young people around the world and really use my voice in a way that hopefully encourages others to use their voice, but also you do risk opening yourself up too much.

"I think if you can get a grasp on a balance, then that's a really good thing, it's healthy. It's not easy, but I think I'm finding that balance and I'm really grateful for the interactions I've had on social media. That said, I don't like, check it all the time, I'm not constantly tweeting and updating everything - Instagram's the one I feel like I really curate because I love photography and visual art."

And the 28-year-old actress admits she was "pretty against social media" at first because she loved the mysterious nature of older Hollywood actors and actresses.

She added to The Independent: "It's interesting, I was pretty against social media at the very beginning, because I love old Hollywood actors and actresses ....

"Instagram was the first place I went to because I could express my love of photos and I thought well, photos speak for themselves and I can just add a little caption, but it created this positive environment for young women supporting each other that I wasn't expecting and it was that interaction that inspired me to write my book because they were all telling me their insecurities and their experiences assuming I couldn't relate because I was an actor, whereas that was the furthest from the truth, I had just never really been open about it before. So I wrote my book to basically say, 'wait a second, I actually can relate completely to you and I wanted my voice to be unfiltered, which is the title of the book, and also the photos in it to be unfiltered."

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