Lindsay Lohan has made a clothing line about her new accent.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

The 'Mean Girls' star has fulfilled her promise of releasing a range of apparel relating to her new accent, by selling t-shirts, tops and sweatshirts which feature the words 'I only speak Lilohan'.

She told the "Represent and I decided to make the t-shirts to turn mainstream media into something positive for the world and thought it would be a nice thing to do.

"The shirts will support young children suffering and help raise money for Turkey to help with Syrian refugees, I'm very excited we could make this happen! The design was a team effort we all put some ideas into it."

Lindsay's creations start at $24.99 and the money raised will be split between two charities - Caudwell Children, which gives support and equipment to help disabled children and their families, and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD), which supports Syrian refugees whilst also helping to protect people from earthquakes.

The listing on the website reads: "Lindsay Lohan, the actress and nightclub owner can now add apparel designer and philanthropist to her resume.

"The campaign, I Only Speak Lilohan is a nod to the viral moment her new and mysterious accent is having on the internet and was a way for the young star to give back to two charities that have meant the world to her ... Now it's your turn to speak "Lilohan" and also give back to organisations that need your help!"

And Lindsay added her own comments: "I wanted to turn a silly viral event into something positive for the world. I speak 'Lilohan' in order to voice support for AFAD and Caudwell Children; two charities incredibly close to my heart."

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