Lindsay Lohan at the Global Gift Gala

Lindsay Lohan at the Global Gift Gala

Lindsay Lohan and Thom Evans were spotted getting close to one another at the Global Gift Gala in London on Monday (November 17).

The actress was seen giving the former rugby player and star of this year's Strictly Come Dancing her number, but the hunk is said to have rejected her advances.

A source explained to The Sun newspaper: "He was very polite but was trying to make it clear he wasn't interested.

"She slipped him her number. But later on she was seen on her own in the hotel bar with her coat on."

This isn't the first time Lindsay has been linked to one of Kelly Brook's exes, after she dated rugby player Danny Cipriani in 2010.

Both Thom and Kelly suffered heartache in May 2011, when she mascarried with their child six months into her pregnancy.

The two split in February 2013.

Writing in her recent biography, Kelly revealed that in December 2011 she lost another child which ultimately drove the pair apart.

"Because I was around the six month mark, everyone was torn between whether this should be seen as a miscarriage or a still birth. In my mind, it was a miscarriage.

"It was the most painful thing. I was bedridden for two days with enormous boobs, covered in cabbage leaves ... Thom and I spent a lot of time crying that week.

"Kelly also writes in her book: 'So Thom and I weren't careful and just before Christmas 2011, I got pregnant again,' adding: 'I had another miscarriage after a few weeks."

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