Lindsay Lohan has been praised by her 'The Masked Singer' co-judge Jackie O.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Although fellow panellist Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes had blasted the Hollywood actress for her unprofessional conduct on the set of the Australian reality TV show, Jackie O insisted he was only joking and Lindsay has been wonderful.

Speaking on the 'Kyle and Jackie O' show, she said: "You know when Hughesy says something very tongue-in-cheek and then you read it in print it looks different.

"He's got a certain style of comedy and he certainly doesn't mean anything bad by it. He hasn't got a bad bone in his body."

Host Osher Günsberg added: "You hear stories about people. Would people get hired if that story was always true? Probably not!

"She [Lindsay] was so professional. She took pages and pages of notes, asked heaps of questions. She was all over it."

Their comments come after Dave claimed Lindsay, 33, disrupted the filming of 'The Masked Singer' with her cigarette breaks.

Speaking on his radio show, Dave spilled: "She's not happy to follow the rules but she's not going to break the rules. The discussion was had: 'Let's start, we don't know how long Lindsay's going to be'. We thought maybe she's not going to come back!"

The presenter also revealed he had a very awkward first encounter with Lindsay.

He recalled: "I led with 'hello' and then I said, 'I'm on the panel'. You know, thinking maybe she didn't know who I was.

"She said, 'I know'. She knew I was on the panel. Not like, 'I know, that's a good thing'. Just like, 'I know'."

Lindsay previously revealed she is thrilled to have landed a role on the Australian version of the popular singing competition, which sees 12 celebrities perform in elaborate costumes to conceal their true identities.

She said: "The show has already been a huge success and I can only imagine it will get bigger.

"Each week will be so exciting to watch who performs and try to guess who's behind the masks. I'm thrilled to sit on the panel and be part of such an amazing show."

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