Lindsay Lohan appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and pretended to be a security guard.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Poking fun at her Super Bowl commercial in which she played a "sorta mom" and reckless driver, she dressed up this time as Jimmy's sidekick Guillermo.

Wearing a curly black wig and fake moustache, whilst disguising her pink dress beneath a shirt, tie and oversized blazer, the pocket had the words 'Jimmy Kimmel Live! Security' emblazoned on it.

Speaking at the start of the show, Jimmy said to camera: "But first, a message from our friends at Esurance ... You know, some companies base your insurance based on general categories such as your age and gender, not really based on you yourself. Isn't that right Guillermo?"

Panning to the studio doors where Guillermo usually stands guard, Lindsay's seen trying to stop herself from laughing and says: "Yes Jimmy".

The chat show host continues: "Now that means you're not getting insurance based on who you are, you're getting insurance for someone who's 'sorta' like you, right Guillermo?"

Following Lindsay's second "Yes Jimmy", the host began to get suspicious and asked: "Is that you Guillermo? 'Cause you look about 200 pounds lighter than usual."

Lindsay's response came quick: "Sorta. I've been going to pilates."

Jimmy responded by saying: "Well, you look great ... Are you sure you're Guillermo because you look a little bit like Lindsay Lohan."

But Lindsay continued on with the skit, insisting she was Guillermo and turning to the man himself who was dressed in a long red wig, blue dress and gold stilettos.

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