Lindsay Lohan's grandmother has died.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

The 'Mean Girls' star's grandmother Marilyn Lohan is said to have passed away aged 80 on Friday (01.10.21) after falling over during the night.

As reported by, she had been released from hospital just before the fall, and she wasn't found until the next morning by Lindsay's aunt, who discovered her unconscious.

Her son, Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan, had asked for "prayers" for his mother after she was readmitted to hospital.

He wrote: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY. I'm sitting here waiting for the boys to get out of school thinking how we call my mom on the way to school EVERY morning...

"I AM WRITING THIS FOR ONE REASON......YOUR PRAYERS for a beautiful person, mother grandmother, and friend all that know her. ..MY MOM. (sic)"

He opened up on the fall and revealed his mother was "still a little groggy from the anethesia" having been in hopsital for heart surgery.

He explained: "My mother is nothing short of an angel to her family. She has done and would do anything for her children and grandchildren.

"My mom had heart surgery 4 days ago and did well . She went home from the hospital and was still a little groggy from the anethesia.

"Last night rather than use the bathroom next to her bedroom she walked upstairs to use the one on the second floor. Nobody knows why! ..

"On her way down she fell and hit her head. They found her this morning unconscious. She now has a brain bleed and is intubated. Please PRAY to God for her recovery. (sic)"

According to reports, Lindsay - who has been living in Dubai - isn't expected to return to the United States for the funeral.

However, the 'Parent Trap' star will be back by the end of the month to start filming for her upcoming Netflix romantic comedy.