Lorde "overthinks" when people end their text messages with a full stop.



The 20-year-old singer has admitted she starts to wonder if people "hate [her]" when they close off a text with the punctuation mark, but insists she shouldn't be made to "feel stupid" because of it.

She said: "People have to make girls feel stupid for getting in it too deep you know - I overthink your punctuation use. When someone texts me a full stop I think, do they hate me now?"

The 'Perfect Places' singer - whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor - also admitted to falling in love easily, but claimed it was a "strength" as she believes wearing her heart on her sleeve is "magic".

Speaking on Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio, she said: "I think it's one of my strengths that I fall the way I do. For anything, a place, for a season, for a person. I think there's something cool about wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's magic. It's a cool thing to reclaim for women."

Meanwhile, Lorde recently admitted she feels a need to "run toward the thing that feels challenging and scary", and said her single 'Green Light' was inspired by her determination to push her artistic boundaries.

She shared: "I always want to run toward the thing that feels challenging and scary and exciting, and that didn't feel like a drum beat and a vocal anymore. Because those types of songs had been number one on the charts for two years.

"It really felt like there'd been an excess of that type of music, which I am happy for as someone who's in the camp of minimalism, but also I was like - there has to be a different way to express how I'm feeling."

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