A letter Madonna wrote about her infamous interview with David Letterman is up for sale.



The 'Vogue' hitmaker made censorship history when she said f**k 13 times in an awkward chat on 'The Late Show' and now a note she penned in May 1994 about the "sexist" reaction to the discussion is going under the hammer and is expected to fetch up to $3,000.

In the note - which is believed to have previously been published on her fansite ICON - the 60-year-old superstar wrote about the "real calming" effect her "beautiful" rose garden had on her and revealed she was

working on a new album with "talented young guys" David Hall, Dallas Austin and Babyface, before addressing the controversy.

She wrote: "Can everyone please get over the fact I went on TV, smoked a cigar, said the F-word a few times and made David Letterman look stupid."

The note, which was shared on TMZ, went on to explain how the outcry showed "how sexist the world we live in really is" because if Andrew Dice Clay or Snoop Dogg had gone on the show and done something similar, "no one would have given a f**k."

She added: "In this country you are not allowed to be a girl, look good, have a point of view and have a good time all at once. Need I say more."

Before signing off, Madonna shared a snack tip with her fans.

She wrote: "I'll lighten up, have you tried the Snackwell fat free chocolate cookies? They're simply de-lish! (sic)"

Online bids will start being accepted from Thursday (13.09.18), and Boston-based auction house RR Auction will stage the sale on September 25.