Marc Jacobs shared the result of his facelift on social media as he doesn't "want to live life with shame".

Marc Jacobs (C) Instagram

Marc Jacobs (C) Instagram

The 58-year-old fashion designer posted an Instagram snap following the procedure last month, with his entire head wrapped in gauze and drainage bags with fluid and blood on each side of his ears.

Marc explained that he never thought twice about sharing the image as he has always been transparent about his cosmetic procedures, recalling how he told people about his hair transplant after wearing a baseball cap to the Met Gala after-party in 2010.

He told Vogue magazine: "People were amused and amazed that I answered. But, honestly, what's the difference? I don't even see it as an effort to be transparent.

"I'm doing what I normally do, which is living my life and sharing it with anybody who is interested."

"I don't want to live my life with shame, you know? I find that way I do that is by being open, transparent, and honest about things. Yes, I'm vain. I find there's no shame in being vain."

The designer revealed that he had decided to get a facelift after deciding Botox and fillers were no longer effective and he is baffled by the sense of shame associated with the procedure.

Marc said: "You know, we all have filters on our phones. We all retouch and filter our pictures. That's the world we live in.

"It's like this thing we do because the audience wants it, but the audience wants it because we do it. So it's this funny little circle."

He remarked that he finds it "crazy" when other stars try and claim that they have not undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Marc said: "And they say like, 'Oh, it's olive oil, I bathe in seltzer'. It's like, come on. Like all those things might be true, but they're not why your neck is tight."

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