Internet trolls make Matt Damon "furious".

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

The 'Jason Bourne' star hates to read hurtful words left on comments sections of sites and on social media and was left in a rage after his 40-year-old wife Luciana Barroso was left in tears in the wake of reading an attack on her appearance.

In an interview with Stylist magazine Matt was asked what the worst thing somebody could say about him, and he replied: "Just go on the Internet. Go to the comments section anywhere online.

"That's true for everybody. The people on the Internet are just ... My wife once read a comment and was in tears. I won't repeat what it said but they commented on her appearance and it was do horrible. It made me furious."

Damon, 45, has learned that the best way to deal with web trolls is to not engage with them at all as it frustrates them to be ignored and he doesn't waste energy on hating.

He explained: "It's such an attack on your own sense of fairness and justice. The only way to engage with that is not to engage with it at all."

The Hollywood hunk has also taken steps to prevent his four daughters - stepdaughter Alexia, 17, Isabella, 10, Gia, seven, and Stella, five - from being exposed to the ills of the Internet by banning them from social media.

Asked whether he told the girls not to Google him, he replied: "I haven't told them that, That's actually a good idea. They're not on social media, I won't let them. Even the older one.

"The stuff they're up against is really terrifying. You see stuff going viral and kids getting bullied - I really worry for them. You have to raise them with the understanding that a little mistake could follow them forever."