Matt Damon learned to play golf thanks to his movie career.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

The Oscar-winning star started learning to play the sport for a role early in his acting career, and Matt has revealed it subsequently led to him spending lots of quality time with his dad Kent, who passed away in December 2017.

He told PEOPLE: "You know what I learned from movie a long time ago, which I'm happy that I did? I had never played golf, and I learned how to play golf and for the last 20 years of my dad's life we'd always play around the golf, just me and him walking around together."

Matt, 49 - who has kids Isabella, 13, Gia, 11, and Stella, nine - also admitted he'd love to play golf with his own children some day.

What's more, the Hollywood star revealed that golf wasn't the only game he's learned through his acting career.

He said: "That turned into something that was really good. And maybe someday I'll do that with my kids too, but I haven't played since he passed away.

"Also poker, I learned from a movie and I still play. That was fun."

Meanwhile, Matt recently revealed he still feels like an underdog.

The acclaimed actor may have won a string of awards and been nominated for dozens more throughout his career - but he has never felt sure of his success because the uncertainty of the early days in the movie business has always stayed with him.

Asked if he's ever felt like an underdog, he admitted: "I think all actors feel that all the time.

"I don't think I ever felt totally secure in my career.

"Starting out is so tough and you get passed over and rejected so many times, it gets baked into you.

"It's that sword of Damocles hanging over you all the time."

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