Matt LeBlanc's daughter refuses to watch 'Friends' because he was in it.

Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc

The 49-year-old actor shot to fame playing Joey Tribbiani in the sitcom, and though 12-year-old Marina's friends have been watching reruns of the series, she has no interest in tuning in because she doesn't want to "overdose" on seeing her dad.

Asked by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres if Marina thinks he is cool, Matt said: "I don't think she thinks I'm too cool.

"I think her friends at school are watching 'Friends' now, that's about the age they get into it, but she, she can't be bothered. She just couldn't care less.

She's seen it, but it's her dad.

"She sees me enough...she's like, 'Overdose on my dad, I don't want that.'"

But Matt was able to impress his daughter - who he has with ex-wife Melissa McKnight, who is also mother to Tyler, 25, and 21-year-old Jacqueline - when she and her half-sister visited him in London.

The 'Top Gear' host took the pair to see Bruce Springsteen perform and they then met both the 'Born in the USA' singer and Prince Harry backstage, much to their delight.

He said: "So Prince Harry, at the end of the night, gives my stepdaughter and daughter a kiss on the cheek and they were both just floored.

"I got no kiss myself. Let me just put that out there - So it was something else that to impress her. I was like, 'Great big shoes to fill there'."

The 'Episodes' star previously spoke of how much he enjoys hanging out with his daughter and cherishes the time because he knows she won't always want to be with him.

He said: "I love it when I'm with my daughter. We make bacon and eggs and sit and talk over how she slept, what she dreamed about, what we should do that day.

"I'm clinging on to those moments because I'm not Rihanna so she won't want to hang out for much longer.

"Is she a Rihanna fan? Oh my God, I know every word to every song. Please don't stop the music..."