Maya Jama makes sure her social media profiles reflect her real life.

Maya Jama

Maya Jama

The BBC Radio 1 presenter - who is dating grime star Stormzy - loves to give her followers an insight into her personal life and regularly posts photos on her Instagram make-up free and when she's all dressed up to show she is just like everyone else.

The 24-year-old star also does it because if she's ever papped in a bad angle, she has "worse" photos of herself on the app.

She told heat magazine: I try to make my Instagram reflect how I really am and I don't always look glamorous and dolled-up. So, I thought, 'Right, I'm going to put up a silly pic that's not pristine or filtered.'

"It's also a self-protective thing.

"I feel like nobody can get any ugly pictures of me because I've posted worse."

Maya previously admitted she doesn't feel pressured into dressing up for the cameras.

The brunette beauty was initially horrified when she realised her job at the UK radio station meant there'd be photographers waiting every day, but she quickly realised it would be unrealistic for her to glam up for every show, just to avoid unflattering pictures.

She said: "When I first left the studio and saw the camera people, I was like, oh my God, say goodbye to tracksuits and no make-up days. But now I'm like, you know what? I'm here every Friday and Saturday, so you're going to take me as I am."

But Maya likes to make an effort when she's going somewhere special.

Asked how to describe her style, she said: "Super comfy and casual, then also super slinky and sexy. I go from tracksuit bottoms in the day to a bodycon dress in the evening."