Meg Matthews enjoyed a teetotal 51st birthday bash in London after giving up alcohol for good.

Meg Matthews

Meg Matthews

The ex-wife of rock star Noel Gallagher spent the landmark occasion at Camden nightspot Gilgamesh, but Meg - who was previously known for her boozy nights out with model Kate Moss - stuck to drinking water for the evening.

A source said: "Meg has taken on an entirely new lifestyle. She's eating healthily and isn't drinking any alcohol."

And apparently Meg isn't the only one of her friends who has vowed to stay clear of alcohol for the time being.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: "The entire Primrose Hill set have extended Dry January into March and are feeling great for it."

Meanwhile, Noel - who was married to Meg from 1997 until 2001 - previously admitted that his current wife Sara MacDonald "wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes" at the height of his party-loving days.

Noel, who shares a 17-year-old daughter called Anais with Meg, said: "I've said to Sara many times: she wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes in the 90s. All the scene around my house would have devoured her.

"She was too pretty for the 90s. There was too much chaos and drugs and all that kind of thing. And I met her just at the right time - I'd given up drugs, my first marriage had pretty much broken down and there she was."

Noel has two sons, Donovan and Sonny, with his wife - and admitted his lifestyle in the 90s wasn't conducive to starting a family.

The former Oasis rocker, who tied the knot for a second time in 2011, explained: "You're supposed to have one-night stands in Ibiza, you're not supposed to get a girlfriend, far less a wife, far less two f**king children."