Megan Fox thinks women should be able to feel sexier than ever after having children.

Megan Fox thinks women should be able to feel sexier than ever after having children

Megan Fox thinks women should be able to feel sexier than ever after having children

The ‘Jennifer’s Body’ actress, 36, ranted she despises women giving each other a hard time for trying to look sexy after birth, and said it was part of a “patriarchal” society that needs killed off.

Mum-of-three Megan – who has sons Noah Shannon Green, nine, Bodhi Ransom Green, eight, and five-year-old Journey River Green with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, 48 – hit out: “What terrible messaging for women to give each other. Once you go through certain milestones, once you go through having children, then what? You shouldn’t be sexy any more?

“You should be and feel more sexy than ever after you've given birth to a child.

“That is a very misogynistic, patriarchal idea that has been put on women that we need to shed.”

But Fox admitted she is the “worst person” to question about issues such as women’s rights to abortion as she does “not really” known “what’s going on” in the news or world.

She also confessed she has no “excellent answer” to the huge criticisms of fast fashion after this week launching her second collection with Boohoo.

Her comments to The Evening Standard came as she was seen putting on another very public display of affection with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly.

Real name Colson Baker, he has daughter Casie Colson Baker, 12, from his previous relationship with Emma Cannon, 33.

Fox added to The Evening Standard she would have been “naked everywhere” in 2009 if it hadn’t been for bosses of the family-friendly ‘Transformers’ film franchise banning her from stripping.

She said: “Peak fame for me was in 2009. It was during the second ‘Transformers’ press tour.

“I would’ve been naked everywhere back then, but that wasn’t something that was allowed.”

Fox is famed for joining the robot films as Mikaela Banes in 2007’s ‘Transformers’, with an image of her bent over the bonnet of a ’76 Camaro over a strappy crop top becoming a pin-up poster for millions of her teenage boy fans.

It landed her roles in the 2009 cult film ‘Jennifer’s Body’ which sees her as a possessed schoolgirl feeding on male classmates.

She is now starring alongside Machine Gun Kelly in their film ‘Taurus’.

The pair kissed on Thursday (09.06.22) at its premiere in New York, with MGK wearing a white suit and syringe earring.

MGK portrays rocker Cole in the film, with Fox his love interest Mae.

The pair went public with their relationship in June 2020 and announced that they were engaged on 12 January.

They have been branded “copycats” of former wild couple Angelina Jolie, 47, and Billy Bob Thornton, 66, due to their explicit PDAs and Fox giving MGK a vial of her blood as a present.