Meghan Trainor is looking forward to her unborn son's first Christmas next year.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor

The 26-year-old pop star admitted she would have loved to have given birth to her first child with husband Daryl Sabara around the festive period, but as her baby is due in February 2021, she's counting down the days until they can enjoy their first Christmas as a family of three.

Speaking on Boston's MAGIC 106.7 radio station, Meghan said: "I’m a Christmas baby. I wanted that, but we didn’t achieve that goal for a minute. But, mine’s (due in) February.”

On the family traditions she will continue with her son, she added: "I think Christmas Eve is better because that’s when we get with the family and we give our gifts to each other ... Usually we like to have the kids have their time with Santa Claus’ gifts in the morning and have a good family time moment. And I’m gonna be a momma now, I’m gonna have that. So, I do want that family alone time on Christmas Day.”

Meanwhile, the 'NO' hitmaker recently admitted she's “so impatient” when it comes to her pregnancy.

She said: "I'm in the second half of the second [trimester]. I’m doing great. I'm pushing it. But I'm so impatient.”

And Meghan previously said she plans to "disappear and be mom" in 2021.

The singer - who released her Yuletide album, 'A Very Trainor Christmas’, in October - said: "After the album is out and Christmas is there, we can just like, focus on like, getting ready to give birth and have a baby and have a human. And then I can disappear and be mom.

"I probably am not going to take that long of a break. I told them the first three months, leave me alone - me, baby, that's it. And husband.”

Meghan also said she feels she's in the midst of a "magical" time in her life with her baby boy on the way.

She explained: "Christmas is my everything, but it's so special for me that like, Baby's first album is my Christmas album.

"And everything we do, we're like, 'This is his first music video, and this is his first photoshoot.' It's so magical."

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