Mel B believes her late father hugs her when she meditates.

Mel B

Mel B

The 42-year-old singer was left devastated when her father Martin passed away from cancer in March 2017 but she does all she can to keep his memory alive and still feels his presence around her.

She said: "Today of all days I really miss my dad and I wore these earrings, I said when he died, I definitely want to have his earrings, so I can feel him still.

"I still feel him around me, I have a picture of him in my wallet and around my house because even though he's gone, I want to still feel like he's there watching over me.

"Sometimes I like to think he sends me signs or he guides me.

"I meditate a lot and feel him put his arms around me, it's a bit of a weird thing but it really is [comforting], I miss him."

The Spice Girls star fought back tears as she spoke about her beloved parent but she thinks it is important not to keep her grief locked away.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: "For me I think it's important when I get that feeling to let it out, no matter where I am, I can be in a restaurant and think of him and burst into tears, and then it's OK."

Mel - who has daughters Phoenix, 19, Angel, 11, and Madison, six, from past relationships - spent three weeks with her dad before he passed away but had to return to America before his funeral.

Though it would have been "nice" for her to say her final goodbye at the ceremony, she still has her own ways of remembering him.

She said: "I came over for three weeks. I had a contract with 'America's Got Talent' but Simon Cowell stopped filming for three weeks so I could be at my dad's bedside but I had to miss the funeral.

"It would have been really nice to be there but I pray and think about him every day and that's enough for me."

And the 'Stop' hitmaker joked she avoided a fight by not attending the funeral.

She quipped: "He was a suave Svengali, I think at the funeral a few of his girlfriends turned up. I could have had fisticuffs with all of them!"

Mel admitted the sadness at losing her father has only brought her closer to the rest of her family.

She said: "For me I've always lived life to the fullest and been an honest person but it makes you want to hug your kids and be with your family even more because your heart is ripped out and even talking about it, it's like it just happened yesterday."

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