Melinda Messenger believes that her sixth sense saved her son's life.

Melinda Messenger

Melinda Messenger

The former glamour model believes that humans have extrasensory perception and she can vividly recall a moment when she heard a mysterious voice inside her head tell her that her one of her two sons was in danger of drowning.

During an appearance as a guest panelist on 'Loose Women', the 47-year-old TV presenter explained: "I had one sort of very strong experience; I've had lots of different kinds of experiences but one particularly strong one when my son was about four years old.

"We were on holiday in a house that had a swimming pool and the steps that led to the swimming pool had a little gate and I was saying make sure you shut the gate. I was doing the washing in a room without any windows or doors so I couldn't hear or see anything outside and I had a voice as if it was in the room next to me that said Morgan's on the stairs. It was as clear and sharp as that and I just dropped what I was doing I ran out sure enough everyone else had gone and they'd left the gate open and he was walking down to the pool. I hadn't heard that or picked that information up however I picked it up I wouldn't have gone out there I'm unable to think what would have happened."

Former Page 3 girl Melinda - who has two teenage sons Morgan and Flynn, and daughter Evie from her previous marriage to Wayne Roberts - believes that everyone has more than five senses, however, only certain people can access it.

She said: "If you go through life and you have adversity or you've really been challenged, then there is like a compensatory factor, where our brain will kind of wire up and develop other skills which may lie latent in other people. For some of us some of the senses are shut down so we're not picking up as much information it's like unconscious communication."