Michael Bublé treats his audience like "family".

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

The 43-year-old singer has said he doesn't like to use the word "fans" to describe the people who listen to his music, because he thinks it's a "horrible word", and would rather refer to them as his "equals".

He said: "The truth is, I think the word 'fan' is a horrible word and I would never call them fans. Fans mean fanatical and these are not fans. These people are my family and they're my equals. They've gotten me through a lot in my life. I don't take them for granted."

And the 'Feeling Good' hitmaker hopes his music will continue to resonate with audiences, as he says he wants to create songs that help people "get through" tough moments in their lives.

He added: "Hopefully my music can get them through the things that are tough in their lives. I feel connected to those beautiful souls. I think they'll realise that I'm speaking to them when I'm looking through the camera and looking at them."

Michael was struck by tragedy himself in recent years when his five-year-old son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago.

Now Noah is in remission, Michael says the health scare has given him a "different perspective in life", as he now knows how to "have joy in the smallest moments".

Speaking to People magazine, the 'Haven't Met You Yet' singer - who has Noah as well as Elias, three, and Vida, seven months, with his wife Luisana Lopilato - said: "I love working, I'm emotional about being on stage in front of all those beautiful souls. When things get really bad, it gives you the perspective of realising just how lucky you are when things are good.

Honestly really going through what we went through as a family - and I think many families who go through tough things like this will tell you - it gives you a different perspective in life. That perspective allows you to have joy in the smallest moments."

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