Michael Buble is finding homeschooling his kids "really hard".

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

The 44-year-old singer is currently at home with wife Luisana Lopilato and their kids Noah, seven, Elias, four, and Vida, 20 months, due to the coronavirus pandemic and he's not finding it easy getting to grips with helping his boys with their lessons because schools have been closed.

He said: "What's really hard is the homeschooling. I'm good at a lot of things, and that is not one of them. It's really, really tough!"

The 'Haven't Met You Yet' hitmaker has returned to social media "because it can be a great voice for good" and he and his wife will be delivering workouts, recipes, chats and games everyday during the current period of isolation.

And Michael hopes they can bring people together and provide some reassurance, reflecting on his own family's experience when Noah was diagnosed with cancer when he was just three years old.

He told ET Canada: "It truly had an impact when we started to think about families who were going through tough stuff like we were. There was a point with Noah when his counts were low and we really had to be careful about viruses and things because his immune system was really weak.

"My wife and I started to think about, not just kids, but adults and mothers, brothers... A lot of people are going through hard enough things, and then putting [the coronavirus] on top. I think that really affected us. We understood how desperate, how panicked, how scary this is...

"I think we both felt that it was almost part and parcel that if we were gonna ask people to stay home and not leave and to stay in their apartment or to stay in their house or their condo or whatever it was, we felt like we better be part of giving people something to do while they're there. We can actually talk to people about mental health."

The 'Forever Now' singer originally quit Instagram and Twitter because he felt it was "narcissistic" and not beneficial to his mental health.

He said: "I've been off of social media since my boy was diagnosed. I never went back.

"For me, social media had become something that wasn't great for my mental health and I felt like sometimes it was really narcissistic.

"It got really tiresome seeing people taking selfies and showing pictures of their fancy life and their food and showing off their lives in this way that was really unrealistic and putting pressure on everyday people who wanted to live this way, but the goal was impossible."

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