Michael Douglas has credited his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones for keeping him looking "sexy".

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

The 72-year-old actor- who married the 47-year-old actress in 2000 and have children Carys, 13, and Dylan, 16, together - has admitted the key to looking like a "healthy, decent-looking" man is to "like" your spouse and your job.

He told the Metro newspaper: "I'm popping along, a healthy, decent-looking 72. What's the secret to staying sexy at 70? Like your wife and like your work."

However, the Hollywood star has admitted he feels like a "dinosaur" because he doesn't have a clue about social media and he relies on his partner to keep him moving with the times.

Michael - who also has a 37-year-old son Cameron from his previous relationship with his ex wife Diandra Luker - explained: "I'm a dinosaur. Thank God for Catherine - one of the huge benefits of having a young, beautiful wife is that she's also very aware of social media and how you get from here to here."

"My younger kids, they are 13 and 16, with all this social media, they say 'life goes so fast.' When I was that age one year seemed endless. You were never old enough to drink! I'm scared to death for my children."

And the 'Ant-Man' star - who has spent over 40 years at the helm of the television and film industry after making his TV debut in 1969 - has admitted his relationship with the brunette beauty has lasted because they understand one another's work, the pressures surrounding the famous couple and true love.

Speaking about the key to his 16-year marriage, he said: "That one I don't know! It certainly helps when you know each other's work and know what the pressures are, rather than being a celebrity for tabloid purposes."