Michael Douglas has been giving dating advice to his daughter.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

The 75-year-old actor has said his 16-year-old daughter Carys - whom he has with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones - is beginning to date, and whilst he knows it's not a "good idea" to meddle in her love life, he can't help but give her plenty of "unsolicited advice".

He said: "She's still pretty pure about all this. She's looking for a boyfriend, but she's in this vernacular where everyone is a 'friend'.

"I'm sure I will be [protective]. I give a lot of unsolicited advice, which is not a great idea, but I can't help myself!"

And when asked what kind of advice he gives, the 'Fatal Attraction' star added: "You gotta decide at an early age if you are more concerned about the looks versus who has got a good heart, who has got a good sense of humour, who's gonna be a good partner. I don't worry too much about her. She's in good shape."

But Michael can't help being a little worried about what the teen gets up to, as he says her 19-year-old brother Dylan also likes to invite "friends" over to the house for sleepovers, including girls.

He said: "I go, 'What do you mean you're friends?' They start like, 'Can I invite so and so over for a sleepover, a bunch of us?' Yeah yeah! ... [Dylan] invites girls and I was like, 'Wait, wait, wait, what's going on?' and he's says, 'Oh no, dad, they are friends. Come on, we're friends.' "

The 'Kominsky Method' star - who also has 40-year-old son Cameron with his first wife Diandra Luker - also reflected on the advice his own father, Kirk Douglas, gave him when he was a youngster.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he said: "Whatever you do in life, whatever you gotta do, just do it to your utmost ability. Do it with full commitment and then, screw it if it doesn't work out. Move on. But, you know, you left it with the idea that there is nothing more you could have done."