Michael Fassbender wasn't aware of the supposed curse surrounding movies based on video games.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender

The Hollywood actor stars alongside Marion Cotillard in the new 'Assassin's Creed' movie, which is based on the video-game series - and Michael has admitted to being completely oblivious to the wretched record of cross-over films.

He shared: "I had no idea there was a curse until people like you told me.

"By then I was already involved so there was nothing I could do."

Michael, 39, said he would actually feel under more pressure if previous cross-over movies had been critical and commercial successes.

He told the BBC: "It would be worse if all the previous adaptations had been successful and this one wasn't.

"People need a story and it's a story that no-one's made a good movie out of a video game. All of us were fairly ignorant to all that so we were naively happy to plod along."

He insisted, too, that it is merely a matter of time before the much-discussed curse is lifted and a video game proves to be a success on the silver screen.

Michael said: "Until it's good, it's just not good. But if you can make a good story and translate that to a cinema experience then there won't be a curse.

"It didn't faze me at all to be honest."

He did, however, admit that the plot to the game-turned-movie was crucial to its success.

Michael explained: "There's a battle of two ideologies fighting for the future of mankind, that's going to lend itself very well to a cinematic experience.

"The initial challenge was how to distil all of that, simplify it as best we could for people who'd never played the game, people who're experiencing this world for the first time."