Michael K Williams posted "don't cry for me" on Instagram less than a week before his tragic death.

Michael K Williams

Michael K Williams

The 'Wire' actor took to his social networking site just six days before he was found dead by his nephew following a suspected heroin overdose to share a clip of his friend Tracy Morgan urging fans not to pity him while talking about surviving a fatal limousine crash in 2014.

In the clip, the 52-year-old comedian said: "Don’t cry for me. OK I had a misfortunate accident. Don’t cry for me. Cry for all the others, man.

"My grandmother told me when you think you doing bad, there’s always somebody out there worse. There’s people out there in the world with nobody to love and nobody to love them. How about that? ... You know what true happiness is? Having something to look forward to.”

It's not known for sure whether Michael's post on Instagram was a cryptic cry for help or just a coincidence.

Michael's death was discovered when his nephew went to check on him at his home in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday (06.09.21) because no one had heard from him for several days and his family were growing concerned for his welfare.

His exact cause of death is not yet known, but it has been claimed heroin was found on his kitchen table and drug paraphernalia was discovered elsewhere in the apartment.

A police source said: “No foul play is indicated. [There was] no forced entry, and the apartment was in order.”

However, Staci DuPont - who is married to the nephew who found Michael’s body – doesn’t believe the star’s death is related to drugs.

She told the DailyMail.com: “That's not factual. We don't have anything more to say at this time."

Michael is survived by his son Elijah.