Michelle Pfeiffer was subjected to an "inappropriate" experience with a "high-powered person in the industry".

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer

The 'Hairspray' star didn't want to detail what happened to herself but she admits she "looks back and cringes" at the incident, which made her feel "really uncomfortable".

She told the Sunday Times' Style magazine: "First, I thought, 'Well, I didn't experience that,' but then as time went on I started going, 'Well, actually, there was that one time.' I am not going to share [what happened] but I look back and I cringe. I was really uncomfortable and it was inappropriate. I put it in a drawer. I was 20, and it was with a high-powered person in the industry."

Meanwhile, Michelle previously revealed she feels it remains tough for women in Hollywood to make their voices heard.

She explained: "It was challenging for women of my generation to find their voices. And even though slowly, over time, we have been given more permission to speak up, if you grow up not really having your voice valued or heard or encouraged, the way you view yourself and your place, it's pretty set."

And Michelle previously confessed she always fears getting fired from movie roles because she never had "formal training".

She explained: "I think it comes from not having a background of formal training, you know, in the beginning. And I think when I started out, a lot of actors were coming out of Juilliard and I was just this young person from Orange County, kind of just getting by on my instincts purely and I think, for the longest time, I felt like it wasn't really enough and maybe didn't give me the credibility and maybe because I had to find my technique as I went along."

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