Mikey North thinks his 'Coronation Street' alter ego Gary Windass and Sarah Platt are the Romeo and Juliet of Wetherfield.

Mikey North

Mikey North

The 30-year-old actor admits his character is desperate to openly forge a relationship with the barmaid - who is played by Tina O'Brien - but she wants to keep things under wraps.

He told Closer magazine: "He has tried a few times but she keeps telling him she's got other things to think about.

"But, even after everything, he's still hoping she'll give it another go.

"They meet in an alleyway and he says, 'If you can't tell anyone about me then leave it.' Sarah confesses she wants Gary and they have a passionate kiss.

"It is a bit Romeo and Juliet. They're star-crossed lovers and no one is allowed to know."

While Mikey hopes Gary and Sarah can get their romance on track, he knows there'll be a fall-out if they do, especially when Izzy Armstrong finds out.

He said: "It is a really lovely pairing.

"It will all come out eventually. I imagine it'll be the next confrontation. Gary might end up homeless..."

Meanwhile, things are going well in Mikey's personal life as he and wife Rachael are expecting a baby boy.

And the actor's experiences of being a first-time father-to-be has helped him connect with his 'Corrie' alter ego a bit more.

He said: "In a storyline with my kid Jake on 'Corrie', I went to the scan. It was all about how amazing the experience was. I wasn't sure, but when you do it with your own child it's amazing. To see this little person growing is incredible."

The happy couple only got married in January, and the 30-year-old actor is convinced they conceived on their wedding night.

He said: "Judging by the date that the baby's due, we think we conceived on our wedding night! Which I do remember - just about!

"We are really fortunate. We weren't expecting it to happen as soon as it did."

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