Miley Cyrus is determined to "snag" a country artist from Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

The 24-year-old singer stars as a coach on the popular US TV show, and Miley has revealed she is eager to go head-to-head with Blake to identify a country music artist of the future during the new series.

She said: "This season, I really want to snag a good country artist from Blake. I think if anyone can do it on the panel, it would be me.

"The most important thing to me in my life is my family and being on the farm, being home and music. Family, farm and music. That is my life, my life revolves around it. And glittery jeans."

Miley also claimed she's developed as a coach during her time on the talent show.

And she insisted she's prepared to work "overtime" in order to get the most from her acts.

In a teaser of the new season, Miley - who also appears on the programme alongside Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson - explained: "I don't think I realised when I started season 11 how much you create a relationship with the artists that are on your team.

"I think I bring a lot of value as a coach because I'm willing to take the time, overtime, to work with my artists. I feel like, being back, I have some different ways that I could win the show."

In fact, Miley revealed she has already written a note to herself in which she has promised to win the series.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker said: "I have a note written down because I believe in putting things into the universe.

"And my note to myself is, 'I'm going to win.' And that's my goal this time."