Miranda Cosgroves hopes she “didn’t mess up anyone’s childhood” after her viral f-bomb admission.

Miranda Cosgrove thinks it funny what gets attention on the internet after she went viral on TikTok

Miranda Cosgrove thinks it funny what gets attention on the internet after she went viral on TikTok

The ‘iCarly’ star thinks its “so funny how the internet works” after a year-old snippet of her saying “I cuss a little” on comedian Whitney Cummings’s podcast ‘Good For You’ was transformed into a popular soundbite on TikTok.

Of her love of the word “f***”, the 29-year-old actress told PEOPLE magazine:"I mean, I hope I didn't mess up anyone's childhood

"I think that's definitely what it is, but it was so random because I did that interview with my friend Whitney over a year ago. It's just so funny how the internet works. Like, you never know what's going to catch on or what's going to happen."

Miranda “can’t believe how fast time goes by” as she mused about being 30 in a year's time.

She said: "It's so funny being on your last year of the 20s. I just can't believe how fast time goes by, but I'm excited to have this last year and then see what the thirties bring."

The ‘School of Rock’ star says it's “been awesome” serves as an executive producer on the Paramount Plus revival of her Nickelodeon series but a difficult time finding her “best takes” during the edit.

Miranda said: "It's been awesome getting to just kind of let loose in different creative outlets," she says of her behind-the-scenes work on the show. "I never thought that I would learn to edit. I didn't really know how the editing process worked at all on a TV show, and now I help edit all the episodes. It's fun watching all the different takes and everything."

"I have noticed, though, I'm not good at picking the best takes for myself. I'm really good at it with other people, but I feel like I can't see outside of myself enough to know which ones are the best. So usually, someone else will pick for me. But I really like watching all the takes of everybody else and editing everything. It's been really fun getting to be a part of the writing process. That's probably one of the most fun things about getting to come back."

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