Miranda Lambert isn't a "good famous person".

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

The 33-year-old country star has admitted that despite her glittering music career, she isn't a fan of being in the spotlight, and "hates" being around cameras.

She said: "I'm not actually a very good famous person at all. I hate cameras. I don't love the spotlight. It was a big shocker to me that the music business is 80 percent business and 20 percent music. I was like, 'I didn't know I signed up for all this other stuff.'"

The 'Tin Man' singer - who split from her ex-husband Blake Shelton in 2015 - isn't a fan of partying her nights away either, and would rather spend her evenings curled up in front of the television with a pizza.

She added: "'Shark Tank' and yoga pants, and I'm the happiest person. I watch 'Tiny House Nation' on a Friday night, and I'm like, 'This is it! Frozen pizza. Woo!'"

And despite now being in a relationship with Anderson East, the blonde beauty insists she's given up on making men an important feature in her life, as she'd rather just focus on her music, her dogs, and herself.

Speaking in the November issue of Redbook magazine, Miranda said: "Music and mutts - pretty much all I live for are those two things. Men used to be on that list, but I cut that one out. Just kidding! It was the three M's, and now it's two. No, it is three: The last one is Miranda."

Miranda might have taken men off of her "three M's" list, but she still cares deeply for 30-year-old musician Anderson - whom she has been dating since December 2015 - as she recently claimed he "owns [her] heart".

In a post honouring Anderson's birthday, Miranda wrote on Instagram: "Rock & Roll Sundays and No Makeup Mondays. My favorite Bama boy turned 30 today. He owns the stage and he owns my heart. You are a light that could outshine the sun.

"Thanks @andersoneast for inspiring me in so many ways. I love making memories with you. #burnincandlesatbothends #30somethings Tommy Barrett and #birthdayselfie And thank you to our friends @chrisstapleton @morganwithane @brent_cobb And @darienlake for making it such a special celebration #darienlakethemepark #rollercoasters&waterslides (sic)."