Demi Lovato is mourning the loss of their grandmother.

Demi Lovato's grandma has died

Demi Lovato's grandma has died

The 'Skyscraper' singer took to their Instagram Story this weekend to reveal their grandparent, Sue Hart, sadly passed away.

They captioned a snap of them together: "This hurts so f****** bad.

"I’ll miss you and our phone calls so much Grandma. I miss you already @merryhearts."

The 29-year-old pop star also revealed that their "hero" grandma saved three people's lives by donating her organs.

They added in another Story: "She saved three lives donating her organs.

"She's a hero."

Demi's mom Dianna penned the following tribute: "My heart is broken today but I know you’re flying with the angels now..

"Give Daddy a kiss on the cheek for me and tell him I love him. Y’all have lots to catch up on… I love you forever, my sweet funny beautiful Mama I’ll see you again one day…"

Meanwhile, Demi previously said surviving their 2018 overdose has given them a deeper appreciation of life.

She said: "It feels like such a fresh start. I feel like I am the freest I've ever been. It feels great to live in my truth fearlessly. I feel proud, but I also know I'm not hanging my hat up yet.

"I have so much work to continue to do, and the work that I've done has been so exciting because it's opened up my doors to my spirituality, embracing my identity, coming into myself more and just exploring that.”

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