Jennifer Lopez didn’t perform at last night’s Movies Rock show, but she didn’t have to. She wowed the crowd at the Kodak Theater by simply walking onstage.Dressed in a white cloud of a dress, the audience went crazy when she appeared in all her pregnant glory. Seeing an expectant J.Lo is surreal. Maybe it’s because I started my career in the gossip world when she was just starting to date Sean "Puffy" Combs in the late '90s. Lopez originally planned to perform, but as I first reported last week she decided only to present, and she spent most of the two-hour show sitting in a seat not far from the stage. Despite plenty of standing ovations throughout the night for people like Jennifer Hudson and Fergie, Ms. Lopez stood only for legendary conductor and composer John Williams. She was helped up by a friend sitting next to her, as hubby Marc Anthony had already bolted backstage to get ready for his cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s Graduate song ".Mrs. Robinson.".Now, lemme tell you about the night’s performances, along with some backstage scoop.Jennifer Hudson! Omigod!She sang ".Somewhere". from West Side Story. And nailed it. Even so, I’m told she insisted on a redo because of a piano glitch. Producers obliged, but it occurred after the theater was cleared and most were on their way to the after-party at Hollywood’s Boulevard3. Fergie blew everyone away with her pyrotechnics-enhanced rendition of "Live and Let Die" from the James Bond movie. Toward the end of the number, the Black Eye Peas frontwoman grabbed a rope lowered from the ceiling. And then she took flight. Yes, holding on by just one hand without a harness!- Fergie was lifted into the air and swung side to side over the stage.

I’m told that the stunt was Fergie’s idea! Producers were apparently a little hesitant when she first conveyed what she wanted to do, but she eased their nerves by telling them, ".’Don’t worry. I used to do gymnastics,’". a source said.

Also a bit worrying was a hip-hop rendition of the Shaft theme song. Apparently, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Will.I.Am and Eve didn’t rehearse until two hours before show time. But here's the thing: You'd have never known it. They gave a super, explosive, rap-infused performance of the blaxploitation anthem.

The pace and energy of Movies Rock was perfect. Come Oscar time, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should get in touch with producers Bruce Cohen and Kathleen Kennedy.

Done in conjunction with the Producers Guild of America and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Movies Rock airs on Dec. 7 on CBS.

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