Keanu Reeves has competition for his new girlfriend Alexandra Grant from sexy influencer Natasha Grano, who admits she has a crush on her.

Natasha Grano

Natasha Grano

Keanu, 55, went public with the 46-year-old artist when they made their red carpet debut together at the LACMA Art + Film Gala earlier this month.

Instagram model Natasha - who is sponsored by companies including Estee Lauder, Balmain Hair Couture and Tresor Paris and has over 1.2 million followers on the social media platform - can see why the 'Matrix' actor has fallen for the Helen Mirren lookalike because she thinks Alexandra is hot too.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Natasha said: "Love is bigger than anything that stands in its way. It can come at any stage in any individuals life, but that's not important. What's important is that Keanu has seemingly found it. And if someone can find it even once in their life time then that's a rare and beautiful thing. Keanu has lived a very colourful and challenging life, he's been through a lot like many other actors and I speak first hand from dating one. I'm happy he's found love and Alexandra is a great match artistically too. She seems like an incredibly intriguing individual- I'd certainly go on a date with her myself so I can hardly blame him for doing so!"

Keanu has suffered heartache in his life as his daughter Ava was tragically stillborn in December 1999, just a month before his girlfriend Jennifer Syme died in a car accident and Natasha believes that these "challenging" experiences have made him a better man.

She added: "Keanu is a man who has lived a challenging life as many of the great actors have. He has evidently drawn power from those challenges which he emits brilliantly on screen. I know that actors can often times, as sad or unusual as it might seem, have their craft benefited greatly from the challenging things they've experienced in their life. Keanu is a great example of this. Himself and his best friend River Phoenix were always two actors I admired on screen growing up for their sensational talent."

Despite her crush on Alexandra, Natasha is in a relationship with former 'Vikings' star Elijah Rowen, whom she is smitten with.

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