Natasha Hamilton is "certain" she has coronavirus.

Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton

The Atomic Kitten singer will be spending 14 days in self-isolation because she's convinced she contracted the highly-contagious respiratory condition while out with friends and family over the weekend.

She said on her Instagram Story: "I was out celebrating my auntie's 50th at the weekend, that was Saturday.

"Sunday night I thought I was getting possible food poisoning. I had tummy aches, aches up my side, up my back, my neck and I was sick.

"Then the temperature kicked in, the fever, and I spent the whole night shivering and in a lot of pain.

"Yesterday I spent the whole day just in and out of sleep, and last night my fever peaked I had an awful night.'"

Fortunately, the 37-year-old star is starting to feel slightly better already.

She said: "I woke up and my fever's down, my aches are less, but now I have a sore throat, so I'm kind of getting the symptoms of the coronavirus but in a different order.

"Also people I was out with on Saturday are starting to get fevers, sore throat and dry coughs, so it is out there. We've taken the necessary precautions."

Natasha - who has children Josh, 17, Harry, 15, Alfie, nine, and Ella, five, from previous relationships - recently spoke of how she'd cured her panic attacks after changing her diet following a detox that saw her cut out sugar and alcohol.

She said: "The results were instant. I had so much energy, my mood lifted right away and my skin just glowed.

"It sounds extreme, but I've realised there's a huge link between the food you eat and your mental state. The physical transformation helped me feel stronger inside. It was like a fog had lifted and the panic attacks stopped because I could see clearer."