Niall Horan gets driven home by police when he's in Ireland.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

The 23-year-old singer recently released his first solo single 'This Town', and has revealed that his fame means he can't even walk home from a night out when he's in his home country, as the police will drive by and "pick [him] up".

Speaking on UK TV show 'The Graham Norton Show', the blonde hunk said: "Sometimes if I'm walking home [in Ireland], if I'm home around Christmas and there's no taxis I'll just start walking home, the police will drive past me and pick me up and bring me home. I remember when they used to that for a different reason!"

And the star - who's band One Direction is currently on an indefinite hiatus - admits he wishes he could visit his home town more often, but says things are too "hectic" with fans outside his house.

He said: "I go home a couple of times a year. It gets ... my dad still lives in the same spot, so it gets kinda hectic around the house. I remember Robbie Williams once said something to me, he said 'My mum closed the curtains in '92 and never opened them again.' I get it.

"But it's good, I get to go home and see the lads and stuff like that, see the family. I like that side of it. I miss Ireland, obviously, I would like to go there a lot more."

Meanwhile, the 'History' hitmaker recently revealed he went on a backpacking trip around South East Asia when One Direction - completed by Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne - first announced their break, and said it helped "normalise" his life.

He said: "Backpacking trip kind of normalised my life, I supposed. I didn't get asked for photos anywhere. When you're in tourist spots, no one expects you to be there. So it was kind of like, I kept my hat on, kept my sunglasses on, kept my head down, did all the usual tourist stuff in Southeast Asia with a rucksack on my back. I definitely learned a lot on that trip."