Niall Horan has injured himself playing soccer.

Niall Horan (c) Snapchat

Niall Horan (c) Snapchat

The 23-year-old singer - who is a long-time soccer enthusiast - has revealed via his Snapchat account that he's damaged his right knee while playing the sport.

Niall also wrote on Twitter: "I want the knees of a 23 year old , it's not even funny anymore. Playing football for an hour should have no repercussions for a 23yr old (sic)"

The Irish star has previously played in the Soccer Aid charity match against his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson - who is an avid Doncaster Rovers supporter - in 2016.

And Louis, 25, recently revealed he would love for his 19-month-old son Freddie to become either a professional soccer player or a musician in the future.

Louis, who was signed to play for his favourite team on a non-contract basis in 2013, said: "If he wants to, of course. I could coach him!

"He can do whatever he wants to do. He can try sport and if that doesn't work, do music!"

Louis' England team beat Niall's Rest of the World side 3-2 in 2016 and, prior to the game, he admitted to being desperate to defeat his good friend.

Louis explained: "I'd like to lie and say it's not that important for me to beat Niall but it is actually very, very important I beat him.

"We have got a bit of rivalry going on. But it makes it fun. He has got a bit of a knee twinge so he'll be walking off injured. Don't tell the insurers!

"I think the match might be a bit aggressive. I'm going to play a little bit aggressive and just hope for the best. If I walk out with an average game I've done well."