Nick Jonas and his brother Joe have a "definite rivalry" when they work out.

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas

Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas

The 24-year-old singer and his former Jonas Brothers band mate both like to keep their bodies in shape, and whilst the star admits that things do get a little competitive between the siblings, he insists that it's friendly competition that gives them an extra "push".

He said: "There's definitely a rivalry -- there's no question. We just like giving each other that push. That community really helps. It creates a really good energy. So Joe and I are really embracing that gym culture."

And the 'Jealous' hitmaker says his 27-year-old brother makes for a good work out partner as they are both pursing different goals with their exercise regimes and "excel" in different areas.

Nick added to People magazine: "There are areas where Joe really excels and other where I really excel. I just hate cardio and Joe really loves it. He likes to run and do other things like that. For me, I like to push myself with pushing heaving weight and doing that stuff.

"Our gym has a mixed martial arts portion to it. So my ground game is really strong -- wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and all that. But Joe's boxing is really strong. He's really got great hands and is very quick.

"It's fun. It's nice to have that type of balance. A little brotherly competition."

Meanwhile, Nick previously said he'd like to reunite with Joe and their brother Kevin, as well as fellow star Demi Lovato, to make and R-rated 'Camp Rock 3' - the would-be third instalment of the Disney musical movie franchise.

He said: "If the right thing comes together, I think that'd be fun. It's a really delicate thing because [they're two films] really beloved by fans. So I think for it to work, it'd have to be some creative new version where we get a writing team and do something special. But I absolutely love working with Demi and my brothers."

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