Nicole Kidman found moving her office out of her home was the "best thing" she's ever done.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

The 51-year-old actress - who has grown-up children Isabella and Connor with ex-husband Tom Cruise and 10-year-old Sunday and seven-year-old Faith with spouse Keith Urban - and the country singer are keen to have boundaries between their work and home lives and she feels much better for not letting her career intrude on their personal time.

She said: "Keith and I are pretty strict with the boundaries on what we allow, in terms of work, into our home.

"I just got the office out of my house and it's the best thing I've ever done.

"We don't even have a TV in our bedroom, we're that couple. And no computers in the bed."

Nicole is very proud of the way she and her friend Reese Witherspoon developed and produced their show 'Big Little Lies' and admitted it was "incredibly empowering" to create their own career opportunities.

She said: "There's not enough good roles and we wanted to create our own roles.

"So we developed it ourselves, we sold it and we produced it and out of it came this huge success.

"That was incredibly empowering. It was so nice to be in control of our destiny."

Season two of the show sees a new addition to the cast in Meryl Streep, and Nicole and her co-stars found the screen legend very professional and not at all a "diva".

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "She's one of the girls but also a complete professional. There's nothing diva about Meryl, she's there, she's a worker, she's completely on time and she's a joy to work with. And we play adversaries in it."

Though she's getting older, the 'Aquaman' star is busier than ever with her work and she's proud to have experienced such a "resurgence".

She said: "It used to be that when you turned 50, as a woman, it was pretty much your career could not flourish, so to suddenly have this resurgence in my career - so many choices and so many opportunities -is a fantastic thing."