Nicole Kidman is desperate to use her real-life accent on screen.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

The 50-year-old actress is proud of her Australian roots, but rarely gets to use her own accent because she spends much of her professional life having to sound like an American.

Speaking about her upcoming roles, Nicole explained: "In my next film ['The Upside'] I got to use my own accent again, something I want to do more of.

"I said, 'I think she'd be better as an Australian' and Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston looked at me weirdly, as the role was written as an American, but [producer] Harvey Weinstein said, 'Yep, she's Australian.'"

Nicole will also appear in a second season of the widely acclaimed American drama miniseries 'Big Little Lies', in which she stars as Celeste Wright.

But the Academy Award-winning actress has revealed she would jump at the chance to work in her home country.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "I would like to. I love being here and being apart of this industry. I love being able to use my own accent."

And Nicole admitted she relished the experience of filming her new TV series 'Top of the Lake: China Girl' in Sydney, Australia.

She recalled: "I got off the plane and I came to rehearsal and I just felt so at ease and relaxed and at home. We have good food, good conversation, then we rehearsed and played rigorously."

Last month, meanwhile, Nicole said she found filming 'Big Little Lies' to be emotionally draining.

The actress revealed it was tough to return to her home life with husband Keith Urban and their two children - Sunday, nine, and Faith, six - after some gruelling days on the set of the miniseries.

She said: "Because we were shooting for so long ... I think the duration of [the production] slowly started to seep in.

"Normally I can step back into my family life in a very easy way. I mean, not always, but you know, usually. I've been working a long time now. But it was hard."