Nicole Scherzinger has "sacrificed" her life for her career.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

The 38-year-old singer songwriter - who has recently returned to judge the popular talent show 'The X Factor' this year after leaving the show two years ago - has admitted she feels she has "missed out on life" because of her busy work schedule.

Speaking about her life and regrets, the brunette beauty - who is currently dating tennis ace Grigor Dimitrov - told The Mirror Online: "Look at me? I'm not married and I ain't got no kids yet. I'm still like 'let's go'.

"Of course work has come at a sacrifice. I've missed out on life."

But Nicole - who broke up with her former beau and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton last year after seven years of dating on and off - has revealed her fellow panellist and music mogul Simon Cowell regularly makes jokes about their break-up, which Nicole doesn't take to heart.

Speaking about Simon's suggestion to dedicate Nicole's hit 'run' to her ex, she explained: "I'm quite light-hearted with all that stuff."

Meanwhile the former Pussycat Dolls band member - who is mentoring the Boys in this year's show - has admitted she believes she has got the winner in her group,a lthough she fears Sharon Osbourne and the Overs may give her a run for her money.

Speaking previously, the 'Right There' hitmaker said: "My strongest competition is Mrs O's category, which is the Overs - they have some really strong, heavy hitters and big voices. People who are really experienced.

"[But] I definitely think I could possibly have the winner here!" Before adding, "I think I have at least one or two stars."

And the former Pussycat Dolls band member - who will whittle down her category to three on Sunday (02.10.16) - has admitted the judges' houses is her "least favourite part" of filming 'The X Factor'.

She explained: "This is my least favourite part. This is where I forget the gorgeous view and I'm dreading having to send more than half of my boys home."