Noel Gallagher's doctor has ordered him to cut down on alcohol.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

The 54-year-old rocker admitted he's been given a "couple of time outs" from partying after his GP warned his ill health was down to not sleeping enough and drinking too much.

He is quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper as saying: "I’ve had a couple of time outs from the doctor.

"Going to see the doctor saying, 'I’ve got this pain and I feel like s***.'

"He’s like, 'Yeah you don’t look good. Have you been sleeping?' 'Na...' 'Have you been drinking?' 'Yeah'. 'How much?' 'F****ing s*** loads.' "

The 'Champagne Supernova' hitmaker is trying to take the advice but admitted it's difficult because he's bored.

He added: "I’m on the go-slow, but there’s nothing else to do."

The former Oasis rocker previously admitted he'd piled on the pounds during lockdown because he'd been drinking every night.

He said in March: "I’m getting a bit fat, actually. It’s all the boozing. I’m getting a little beer belly.

“Like everyone, I’ve been drinking every night at home for a year, which is something I never usually do.

“I usually drink every night on the road and then when I get home I abstain for a while and get back in shape. Or you have a night out twice a week, so you don’t drink at home.

“I’m drinking every f***ing week. I’m f***ing loving it but I’ve started to wear baggy clothes, let’s put it that way. I looked at it and thought, ‘That’s a disgrace’."

However, Noel - who has Anais, 21, with ex-wife Meg Matthews and Donovan, 13, and Sonny, 10, with spouse Sara MacDonald - insisted at the time he wasn't too worried about his physique because he was still exercising.

He added: "I do go to the gym regularly, so it can’t be that bad.”

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