Normani Kordei splashed out on a car for her grandmother.

Normani Kordei

Normani Kordei

The Fifth Harmony singer has revealed her most expensive purchase was the Nissan Murano she bought for her grandmother for Christmas, and whilst she claims it set her back quite a bit, the reaction from her relative was "priceless".

Asked what she's splurged the most cash on, the 'Down' singer said: "My grandma's car. It's a really nice chocolate colour Nissan Murano and really shiny. She had this van, she didn't say anything but she knew she needed another car. She cried when she got it at Christmas, I got the whole thing on tape. It was priceless."

Normani, 21, also admits she can't fall asleep unless she's watching cartoons on Netflix, in contrast to doing the same thing with "scary movies" when she was younger.

She said: "I really enjoy watching cartoons on Netflix - especially late at night, it helps me go to sleep. When I was younger I watched scary movies, they were the only things that could help me sleep."

And the 'Work From Home' hitmaker - who is joined in her band by Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, and Ally Brooke - said her most embarrassing moment was when she fell over live on American television show 'Good Morning America'.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Normani said: "I'll have to go with falling over on 'Good Morning America'. It was really embarrassing. I had to look to the girls for them to be like 'You're fine, you killed it, you got up gracefully.' I've never had a fall like that, especially on TV."

Meanwhile, the 'That's My Girl' singers - who were also joined by Camila Cabello until she quit the band in December - recently claimed the criticism surrounding their often raunchy outfits "doesn't matter" to them because they're "comfortable" with their image.

Dinah said: "We used to take it really hard when people criticised us about what we were wearing, but not any more. It's not for them to worry about our outfits - we are wearing it for ourselves. You have to stay true to yourself and as long as you are comfortable then no-one else's opinion matters. You are the one rocking it.

"We think you should show your flaws to your fans because that's what makes them love you more. When women show skin, it doesn't matter to us. Sorry, you have to accept it."