Offset lied about a medical emergency to surprise Cardi B with her dream car.



The 26-year-old rapper wanted to surprise his wife with the $200,000 Lamborghini Urus but made a friend tell her that he had fainted and she needed to rush back to Atlanta to be by his side.

She said: "Y'all don't even know how I feel, y'all, 'cause I've been praying for the last two hours to every goddamn religion that there is, like, 'God, I hope this n***a is OK.' Why nobody answering my calls, acting funny? I don't want to raise my baby by myself. Jesus Christ, I hope everything is OK."

However, she was thrilled by the gift, telling him: "I'm so happy. Babe - I love you."

Cardi recently revealed she and Offset bought matching cars - a green one for Offset and a blue one for Cardi, with fancy gullwing doors.

Taking to her Instagram account, the 25-year-old rapper uploaded a photograph of the pair of them sat on the bonnet of their new vehicles and captioned it: "Blessed & Gifted Official Lamb owners @offsetyrn #aventador #His&Hers #kultureparents (sic)"

However, it's unlikely Cardi will get much use out of her new car as she has admitted she doesn't want to leave her daughter Kulture for "one second."

She explained: "There's this feeling that, as soon as my baby came out, that I have that is just like ... I can't leave my baby at night, not for one second. A lot of people keep telling me, 'You need to find a nanny because you gotta start working soon,' and it's so hard because I want to be with my baby every second.

"I really love my little baby. She's so cute. She looks like me, of course. She looks like her daddy, and she looks like [Cardi's sister] Hennessy ... And she just melts me. I don't feel like nobody could tend [to] my baby like me."