Olivia Newton-John has found being at home during lockdown "very healing".

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John

The 'Grease' star admits she has really enjoyed being able to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, as she is so used to travelling and being away for most of the year working.

She said: "It's been quite wonderful to be in one place and not be able to go anywhere because my whole life has been on a plane or bus or doing shows. To be in one place to watch the seasons, plant something to eat and actually eat it, has always been my dream. And I feel even guilty saying that this has been nice for me being home to sleep, being quiet. Being home has been very healing for me."

And Olivia opened up about her first breast cancer diagnosis and is encouraging other women to check themselves.

She added to the HuffPost: "I had lumps before 1992 and they were not serious, they were benign. But this one I didn’t feel right about and went to the doctor and I had a mammogram, which didn’t show anything. So I’m not going to say that to scare women. I just say, if you feel something doesn’t feel right to you, then pursue it. And I’ve met quite a few women who said that same thing happened to them and they did find something. You need to trust those instincts ...

"Going to the doctor once a year is fine, but it’s very important to have a baseline of what is normal for you. And if there are lumps that come and go, then you know, they come and go, that’s nothing serious. It’s something that is there and it stays there and you’re concerned about it or it grows. Then you should see a doctor and have a check-up on it."

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