Olivia Palmero gets her "me time" when she works out.

Olivia Palmero

Olivia Palmero

The 31-year-old socialite admits her regular sessions with celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson provide her with the ideal opportunity to focus on herself and not get distracted by work or anything else.

She said:" I enjoy spending time with friends when I'm at home.

"I also see Tracy Anderson six days a week so that is really time for me - no phones, you focus on yourself.

"I have a big workout and clear my head. Time for yourself is important with all the everyday business."

Meanwhile, Olivia hinted she and her husband Johannes Huebl are considering moving away from Brooklyn's trendy Dumbo district.

She told HELLO! Fashion Monthly: "It was more of a choice for my husband, he was already there when we married and really liked our area.

"We'll see, we've been here for a little bit but it's always good to change up.

"And we travel quite a bit, so when we are home, it's nice to be home."

Though Olivia has worked with her model-and-photographer spouse on a number of projects, including guest editing Tommy Hilfiger's 2015 spring campaigns and modelling for Mango and Hogan, she insists they don't do everything together.

She said: "We are currently working on different things, separately."

The former 'City' star believes the key to her own polished look is her confidence.

She said: "You have to be confident within yourself before anything else, I think that is really important."

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