Oprah Winfrey was "so excited" to host a 'Wonder Woman' party.

Oprah Winfrey's unimpressed dog (c) Twitter

Oprah Winfrey's unimpressed dog (c) Twitter

The broadcasting legend is clearly a huge fan of the new DC Entertainment blockbuster and the way it can inspire a young generation, and she held a themed party for youngsters at her home earlier this week.

Sharing a series of clips from the bash on Instagram, she said: "So excited 'cause what it's Wonder Woman day in my house. I'm having a party for 28 10 year olds and Tiana just brought the cake from Charm City Cakes."

The 63-year-old media mogul even offered to help out with the cake, describing it as a "crowning moment" as she fastened the top to the base.

That wasn't all as Oprah even had popcorn buckets themed after 'Wonder Woman', and couldn't resist dressing up in the character's signature metal bracelets and tiara.

Another package arrived with presents for the girls, and Oprah excitedly said: "This just arrived, too. I'm dying. Thank you so much. Havianas' Wonder Woman flip-flops! Woo!"

The star also wanted to keep check on the food, and showed her Instagram followers a clip of one of the chefs, who was hard at work preparing a butter lettuce salad with blue cheese, while another video showed hamburgers and hot dogs.

She joked: "I think that's for the parents, right? Not for the kids."

However, Oprah's enthusiasm for the party wasn't shared by her dog Sadie.

Sharing a photo of herself and her canine companion - who also had a Wonder Woman tiara - Oprah tweeted: "Sadie's not so sure about her wonderwomanness. #WonderWoman (sic)"

Meanwhile, her live vlogging of preparation for the party caught the eye of actress Gal Gadot - who plays the title role in the new 'Wonder Woman' blockbuster.

She re-grammed one of the videos and was delighted by the theme.

She wrote: "This is awesome!"